My Little Rainbows


“That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.” ~ Emily Dickinson

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for so long now. The Gallup Strengths Finder says communication is my greatest strength, which really just means I like to talk (a lot)…but my husband can really only handle so much. So here I am. ūüėČ

My desire is to inspire other Mama’s to do better than I am on this journey called motherhood. Being a mom is the absolute hardest privilege I have ever loved, and¬†some days¬†it is only by God’s grace that we all make it through alive. And yet, coming from a place of such inadequacy, I have such a passion for helping other Mama’s to be their best…to help them learn from my many mistakes, and maybe…hopefully, also from some of the wisdom God gives me along the way.

I’m currently blessed with the privilege of being part of a bible study with an amazing group of moms who inspire me in so many ways. We are reading through a book by Lysa TerKeurst called “Am I Messing Up My Kids?”…a question I can most certainly answer with a yes, but I just prayerfully ask that God will heal all the wounds I cause with my awful sin and failures. After all, He loves my sweet little girls even more than I do, so I trust that He can, and will fill my gaps.

One of the chapters we went over in our group this past week was “What Will My Kids Remember Most?” The reality of this question brings me to my knees. The book talked about “striving to be an old woman with no regrets.” This is my new goal. I want to put every word spoken, and every decision made through this filter: “Will this leave me with regret?” Here is an excerpt from my favorite part of the chapter, which left me weeping for just a little more time:

“Our children are like…rainbows. They burst on the scene of our lives in such a way that you feel as though they’ll be there forever. Their colorful personalities and bright expressions are shining reminders of God’s promises and miracles. They dance through their childhood, making lasting impressions on our hearts, and then the time comes for them to pull away. The colors of childhood swirl and mix and change and fade into the realities of adulthood. It will happen. There will come a day when the door to childhood will open for the last time, and that night, as surely as that child closes her eyes to sleep, the door will close. All the curious questions that drive you crazy today will cease. All the fingerprints and smudges will go away. All the childhood fantasies and dreams will fade. And her mother will wake the next morning to peer into the sky and wonder where the rainbow has gone.”

So now you know the meaning of my blog title “Gone Like Rainbows.” I hope when I find time to post, you might find something encouraging or inspiring to help you enjoy this all too short season of raising our children.

Hugs ~ Sara


One thought on “My Little Rainbows

  1. Wonderful Sara!! It is such a good reminder that we all have those days we wish we could do over. I think the key is to remember that to see a rainbow we often have to wait until after a thunderstorm! Then God is gracious and loving enough to remind us He won’t leave us in the rain :-).

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